Monday, December 22, 2008

cLAy TV's Top Videos of 08' > 30-26...

SO, I am still in MN and it's snowing again. I may go play in the snow tomorrow. Sledding! Since there is not much to do here, I saw Yes Man tonight, and it was bad. BUT, it was neat to see all the spots in my neighborhood on it. There were some places I have played at and hung out at in the movie. Big Foot Lodge, Little Joy, Spaceland, and Juanita's (Highland Park) were all in it. Pretty neat.

Now these videos are getting really good. These five are all worthy of an award, a cLAy TV award. Maybe next year I will send the bands and the video directors a trophy or something. Mmmmmm, good idea. Or make it a big deal and get a red carpet and have gift bags, maybe of weed or something. Yeah...and the winner is...

30. Efterklang: "Cutting Ice To Snow” (This guy is rad. I want to go there.)

29. The Mae Shi “Run to Your Grave” (Local dudes are so fun.)

28. M83; “Kim and Jessie” (M83 with another sweet video.)

27. Marnie Stern: "Ruler" (This is so playful, I always love silly videos that show the bands or performers true personality.)

26. MGMT: "The Youth" (These kids are nutty.)