Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sigur Ros and Radiohead are big bands....

SO, Sigur Ros has one of my favorite albums this year, it's good stuff in a year that had a lot of mediocre stuff. This song is not on that album, it's on Takk but this is a new video and it is pretty damn good.

And, I have fallen off the Radiohead bandwagon in the last years, I think Kid A was the last one a had, it just seems like a lot of the same to me but they have neat videos, here's one.

My computer is in the shop still. This is a quicky post from my wife's computer. Toodles.

ps Some pics from our show last night are here, but none of them are of the actual show just the people. That guy was too busy getting pics of himself with girls I guess. The show was rad though, thanks everybody for coming out. It was super fun! I've never seen that many people dancing and getting nuts to our songs before, yeeee hawww!