Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rainbow Arabia + Buraka Som Sistema = Watch Out World!

SO, hailing from the neighborhood next to mine, Echo Park Rainbow Arabia made a fucking rad video. I totally dig this. I just got their EP and it rips, super good. They fit right into the world/indie scene that is oh so happenin' these days. Keeping on the world music tip here is video by Buraka Som Sistema. This video features M.I.A. who was the one who really got the world thing goin'. With these two, The Very Best, El Guincho and countless others this new genre is getting pretty damn hot.
(El Guincho at The Echo 11/20 and Rainbow Arabia at The Echo as well on 12/01)

Rainbow Arabia: "Let Them Dance"

Buraka Som Sistema ft M.I.A.: "Sound of Kuduro"