Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nihon No Ongaku: Nihonjin No Onnanohito: Midori Hirano and Mutyumu

SO, here are two from Japan. If you have been around cLAy TV for a while you know I like to post Japanese music from time to time. If you search "Nihon No Ongaku" in the search bar a bunch will come up. I lived in Tokyo for a while and played in a band there too. There is great and sometimes strange shit that comes out of there, as you probably already know. The title of this post translated is Japanese Music: Japanese Women. I came across these two acts, both female fronted. First we have Midori Hirano. She lives in Berlin and is a classically trained pianist. It's ambient stuff with interesting layers of piano, electronics and strings. It's good for chilling out. I just got her new one, Kio Yuri, smart and really good. Second we have another girl fronted band Mutyumu. Piano again is the main instrument. Theses guys are a bit too operatic for me, especially the singer, but they bust into some full-on heavy screaming madness sometimes, which I can dig.

Midori Hirano: "Feathers"

Mutyumu: "L'œil est Dieu"