Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jay Reatard and the future of shit.

SO, Mr. Jay Reatard's last album from 07' still gets constant play on my end. I also like his 7"s. This is the first official video they have put out though, took long enough. I really wish good bands would start putting out videos more so I wouldn't have to post some of the shit that I barely like. This is a fun video and a great song.

Jay Reatard: "See/Saw"


who da hell are these bands? I swear I have never felt older watching this shit. Wierd. It's like emo, dance, punk and mashed up in some kind of teenage goulash that tastes like shit. Man, I mean Myley Cyrus and all that I can understand because of it's pop nature but this, man, this is like a Halloween party where everyone dresses up like their favorite rock star and pretends to play like them but fail miserably. It's almost embarrassing. Or, I am getting old and lame, noooooooooooooooo, fuck that. I rock!
Skelanimals Day Of The Dead Dance Party