Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Hold Steady and Fucked Up have good 08' albums.

SO, The Hold Steady are good. They are one of a kind, there is no mistaken when you hear one of their songs. They are just classic sounding, like John Cougar Melloncamp or something. Their album from this year is pretty damn good. I also like them because some of them are from my home state of MN. Here is also a video from Canada's Fucked Up who released one of my fav albums of this year. This video has the dude from Vampire Weekend in it singing when Fucked Up did that 12 hour long show in NYC.

The Hold Steady: "Stay Positive"

Fucked Up [ft. Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend]: "Someone’s Gonna Die Tonight" (Blitz cover) / “Parents” (Descendents cover) (live in New York)

My computer will be done tomorrow, this is a quick one too. I am proud of myself actually that I have been able to post while my computer was in the shop, aren't you?