Monday, November 3, 2008

Friendly Fires and Shinichi Osawa

So, these two are creating some good buzz lately. Friendly Fires just played the tonight with Lykke Li in LA, it's sold out. Not a huge fan but I can see how people can get into them for sure. I have the album, it's indie niceness. (BTW, search cLAy TV for Lykke Li and there is a video of her jammin with Bon Iver, it's sooo goooood, they oooze talent man) Second is the newest addition to the Dim Mak family, straight from my home away from home, Tokyo, it's Shinichi Osawa. He can mix the shit out songs, listen.

Friendly Fires: "Jump In The Pool"

Shinichi Osawa: "Star Guitar" (Chemical Brothers Remix)

Shinichi Osawa: "Detonator" (CSS Remix)

OH AND: GO OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!