Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ponytail + Deerhoof = Get me Stoked.

SO, Ponytail has one of my favorite albums of this year. So fun and just plain good damnit. They stoke me out! I can't wait to see them at The Smell on 10/10. Watch this video and just feel good about it, it won't be hard. Deerhoof is also one of my favorites, lookin' forward to their new one big time. Here is a video for one of the track on it. They will be at the Avalon on 10/3. Yay, I love it! Oh, and TPF! is at The Airliner tonight (Thur) at 11:00 with some other good bands.

Ponytail: "Beg Waves"

Deerhoof: "Fresh Born"