Monday, September 29, 2008

AU and Aye Carumba!

SO, TPF! is back from the border. Two flat tires, cancelled show, ended up playing in an old abandoned house in the middle of the dessert sand at midnight within viewing distance of Mexico (awesome), played two songs in the backyard at this guy's mom's house until the vecinos complained, engine trouble, and our bass player, Justin, was held at border for 4 hours. We made signs for him to be released and sat out front of the border patrol inspection station, they made us do it across the street though. Justin't last name is Hand, that's why Merisa's says, "Handover out Hand" Ha! Crazy ass shit man BUT fun! Thanks Calexico and Mexicali that was insane. And did you know that Mexicali has a large Chinese population, there are tons of half Mexican half Chinese people. Oh and it's over 1,000,000 people big, wow!
Here are some pics from our trip and a cool video from AU.