Monday, August 25, 2008

F Yeah Fest = Ladyhawk, Two Gallants, Matt and Kim, Monotonix

SO, this Saturday is the F Yeah Fest. Here are some more bands that will be playing and I want to see. Two Gallants, Ladyhawk (not the one with the "E" on the end), Matt and Kim (they have a new song posted that is rad!), and the nutty dudes known as Monotonix from Tel Aviv.

Ladyhawk (just heard of these guys, I like it!)

Two Gallants: "Despite What You've Been Told"
Despite What You've Been Told

Matt and Kim: "Yea, Yeah"

Monotonix in Baltimore.

Monotonix - Talking Head - Baltimore - April 18, 2008 - Part 2 from thelatebphelium on Vimeo.