Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ponytail + Foot Village = Possible Smell Show.

SO, I really like the new Ponytail album, Ice Cream Spiritual. It's one of my top 10 this year so far. I am excited to hear that they are playing The Smell on October 10th. It's far away I know. I mailed them about openers, they said Foot Village might and No Age (!) might Abe Vigoda might and we (TPF!) could too, if there is another opening. I am not holding my breath. Oh, not to mention High Places are their tour mates. . SO, if Foot Village can't we are a shoe in. I am sure they won't want to turn this one down though. Speaking of Foot Village, they are locals, I have seen them with Health and PRE. They are pretty damn rad see to see live.

OK, this post officially has the most name drops ever, and they are all from some of my favorite stuff that is out there right now. Ponytail and Foot Village have videos. Check em'!

BTW Some of these bands are being labeled, Tropical Punk, like Abe Vigoda and High Places. I love that genre name!

Oh, and my loyal MN peeps, No Age and Abe Vigoda at the Triple Rock on Monday.

Foot Village - "Erecting The Wall Of Separation"