Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nihon No Ongaku: Melt Banana

SO, I haven't done this one in s while. It's called, Nihon No Ongaku (Japanese Music). I am a big fan of avant guard Japanese punk. Melt Banana are the maestros. Seen them three times in Tokyo, they fucking kill live. Here are a couple of their videos. They are not easy to digest, it took me a bit, but try downloading Cell Scape or Bambi's Dillema and crank the shit out of it in your car. Just click on em and get em from free, just for you. Try it, super rad!

Melt Banana: "Shoot The Moon"

Melt Banana "Sick Zip Everywhere"(Dumb Video but Fun, like 4 years old)

These vids give no justice, get an album and fucking crank it, you'll get it then,