Monday, July 21, 2008

0th is my friend Amanda's new band from SF.

SO, on Sunday my buddy Preston called me and said an old mutual friend was in town playing a show at Echo Curio in 20 minutes. I was at Guitar Center dealing with rock jocks, then I made the dash down Sunset with mee lady and made it just in time. Our friend's name is Amanda, she was in this band called Triangle for a long time, still is. She is a Fargonian, as are most of the awesomest people I know, including Preston. Her new band is called 0th, they played The Smell the night before which I missed. They were....fucking weird, cute, spacey, arty, GOODNESS. At one point the singer was petting her arm pit hair. Here are some pics and an sweet video of her, MNDR on the turntables. Oh, and thanks Preston for the shout, let's go to Gold Room again sometime, but next time let's take the $1 shots. Say sup' to Georgia too.

MNDR (Amanda) live @ SMC