Sunday, May 11, 2008

Deerhunter + Shy Child= Bands That Open For Huge Bands. Sellouts?

SO, these guys tour with huge bands. Deerhunter is touring with Nine Inch Nails, look for them at The Forum soon, and Shy Child went on tour with Muse. Sellouts! JK, is "selling out" even an issue anymore? I don't really think so, it seems so 90's to say that. As long as the band is doing what they love then good for them right? Besides, it's not like the major labels even control music anymore, it can be done on your own terms now, so it's not like you even have to "sell out" to have tons of people get to your music.

Check out these two non-sell out videos.

Deerhunter: "Strange Lights"

Shy Child: "The Noise Won't Stop"