Friday, May 2, 2008

Chromeo + Does It Offend You, Yeah? = Bands that people talk shit about.

SO, here are two bands that have heard either people love or hate. Me? Well, I like Chromeo one song at a time, and as far as DIOYY? I think they are a bit contrived but hey, that single gets me movin' so what are ya gonna do?! They both fit molds of others but hey, F' it, if I can bounce a little to it then great.

Chromeo: "Fancy Footwork"
CHROMEO - Fancy Footwork

Does It Offend You, Yeah?: "We Are Rockstars"

Does It Offend You, Yeah?: "Epic Last Song"

DIOYY? Just played in LA for a couple nights and Chromeo won't be back for a while.
Both rocked Coachella though I hear, but F#@$ Coachella!