Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Tough Alliance + The Ting Tings + Princess Superstar = Pop Songs For Cool Kids.

SO, I am back from Hawaii! I will put up a pic. or two in the next couple days. I swam with sea turtles and got my burn on. I also hung out at my little ladies new store in Waikiki and that's about it. Now, back to our regular scheduled programming. Today we have positive pop music for you to bounce your foot to. First, The Tough Alliance from Sweden, they just played at The Echo a couple weeks ago, I got lazy and missed it. I guess they sometimes don't even play anything, they just dance in front of a video screen all crazy style. Sounds fun. Next is The Ting Tings from the UK, Indie 103.1 plays this song quite a bit these days. It's catchy, a possible one hit wonder, and I kinda hate it but the damn chorus is nice. Last is Princess Superstar from NYC. "Licky", it's dumb fun. Now I am going to put aloe on my burn. Missed you.

The Tough Alliance: "First Class Riot"

The Ting Tings: "That's Not My Name"

Princess Superstar: "Licky"