Monday, April 14, 2008

Panda Bear and Patrick O'Dell

SO, I have been watching the shit out of Patrick O'Dell's show on Vice TV called Epicly Later'd. It features mini documentaries about pro skaters. He also has a web site by the same name that features pix from shit he has been up to. I ran across this video by Panda Bear, an off shoot of Animal Collective, that he helped direct. (Animal Collective have been featured here on cLAy TV! many times, go up to that search box up there and see)It has sk8ing in it and a rad song. I suggest that you go to Vice TV and watch it and all the other shows they have over there, it's smart stuff done by rad people like us:) Check out the North Korea, Manila, Sudan, and Garbage Island episodes, they are so damn good. There are other good ones too. Later'd!

Panda Bear: "Comfy In Nautica"