Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Health and PRE = 2 Days Out.

SO, I really can't stop talking about Health and PRE, along with bands like, No Age (their new one "Nouns" is great!), Mika Miko, The Mae Shi, The Death Set, Ima Gymnist, Abe Vigoda(tmrw night at 6th St. Warehouse) , Pontail, dd/mm/yyyy(June 11th at the Roxy with Crystal Castles), etc... They all fit this DIY, punk rock thing that I went through in college and they all get me stoked. They are not for everyone but damn they have this underground punk rock sincerity that is refreshing. That leads me to say, the past two days have been nutty. On 4/20 me and the little lady got silly and went down to The Smell to see PRE, Health, Ima Gymnnist, Foot Village, and Teenage Moms. We got there too early, we ran out of money AND we were thirsty and way too bolognaied (bo lo need, you know what I mean;) to stay. Saw the first bands but missed some of PRE and all of Health. I just couldn't do it, neither could my little lady. So, we ended up leaving. The next day we woke up and went to California Adventure (it's kinda lame but some of the rides are cool, like Soaring Over California, and California Screamin, and they have beer). We drove back just in time to see Health and PRE play again! at UCLA. UCLA has so many shows that the rest of the city never hears about but I dug deep and found out about this one. I am glad I did, it was rad! Here is some footage(I have some live footage that I took that I will post later) of Health and pics from PRE (yes, that was a sponge bob shirt she had on) from both nights.
BTW: No Age, Yeasayer, The Death Set this Friday at the Ukranian Cultural Center!! Whoa?! Oh, and Islands this Wednesday at UCLA. Shhhh....

Health: "Heaven"