Friday, April 11, 2008

Chromeo + M83 + Food For Animals = Good Damn Videos

SO, today I got some good damn videos. Watch em'. They are damn good. Yes indeed.
Damn good. First is from one of my favorites, Chromeo. It's in conjunction with Zune (yeah, not iPod) and Three Legged Legs: it's "Fancy Footwork". Good. Damn Good. Next is France's own, M83, whoa, 80's lookin' goodness. Yeah. Last is from Maryland's Food For Animals with "Tween My Lips". It's totally "nuts". Click on "nuts" to see it.

Chromeo: "Fancy Footwork" done by Three Legged Legs.

M83: "Graveyard Girl"

Chromeo at Coachella on April 27th and M83 at the Echoplex on May 20th.
Oh, and Prince just got added for Coachella on the Saturday Night! Whoa.