Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why? and Soophie Nun Squad

SO, I just got the new Why? album, "Alopecia". I like it. They are smart, a non-genre kind of band, like Ween I guess, they cross over and do whatever music comes to mind. Here is a new video from them. The dudes from Family Guy and American Dad did it. Those guys would totally be in their kind of demographic, slightly nerdy, smart, creative cool dude music. Next is a video that got sent to me. It's by this nutty band called Soophie Nun Squad. They are greatly funny and should be together still because they are rad. They are like a Smell band but from Little Rock. Watch it and do the Cinderblock, the crowd sure does!

Why?: ""Song of the Sad Assassin"

Soophie Nun Squad: "The Cinderblock"