Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Ponytail, TPF!, Obits = Hoodrat Videos

SO, here are three videos that are not to impress anyone, or to win any award. They are here to show you...well, that anyone can make a video these days. You can make a fan video and send to to your favorite band, often times they love it and it gets tons of hits or just record a live show, put it on the net and tons of people see it. Some of my favorite videos of 07' (see the post on my top vids of 07')were fan videos actually. The first is by Ponytail from Baltimore. It's got random footage, but it works somehow. Second is from TPF! (my band). It's a really bootleg style, shitty video that goes with the lyrics...slightly. I made it in about a minute and it shows. Third is just plain old live footage of Rick Froberg's new band Obits. He was in Hot Snakes and Drive Like Jehu, two of the best bands ever!
Without further adu:


TPF!: "As If"

Obits: "Pine" Live in Philly.