Friday, March 14, 2008

Modest Mouse and Neon Neon

SO, here is a new video from Modest Mouse and one from Neon Neon. I hope you like. Since Modest Mouse debuted at #1 on Billboard I guess they can crank out spendy videos.
Oh, and Neon Neon is a bit produced and 80's sounding for me but likeable I guess, kinda like The Killers are, right? Their new one is full of 80's inspired pop. I got it, it's kinda fun. They got a lot of buzz now, but don't believe the hype. It's just ok. See for youself.

Modest Mouse: "Fly Trapped in a Jar"

Neon Neon: "I Lust U"
Neon Neon - I Lust U