Monday, March 31, 2008

Mika Miko + Jay Reatard = L.A.Live!!

SO, went to see Bad Parents, Mika Miko, and Jay Reatard tonight at the All Star Lanes in Eagle Rock. They are from the LBC, LA, and Memphis respectively. It was a packed house. I caught just the tail end of Bad Parents, they are rad though. Then Mika Miko, the crowd was a little stiff but hey it's a Monday night. I love them no matter what though, super energy, super fun, super punk rock spirit. Jay Reatard brought the house down. Got a pit going and shit. My buddy Preston got in the mix, it was like old times. I played the cool guy and just
bobbed my head up and down. It was rowdy though! They just signed to Matador to do some 7"s.
Watch for em' because they are great. OK, here are some videos and pics. Yes?

Mika Miko

Mika Miko: "Business Cats"

Jay Reatard

Jay Reatard: "My Family" (Some crazy dude named Mike Long dancing in front of his grandparets)