Monday, March 3, 2008

Fargo Street Hawks = Loyalty

SO, I am a member of this BMX gang from Fargo,ND called Fargo Street Hawks. It started in the mid 90's and has grown to be an institution for those who are rad. I am part of the LA chapter and we generally represent Fairfax/Melrose districts as well as Silverlake. Most Hawks sport tats symbolizing their devotion and honor to being a Hawk. The ones that don't have a tat have the Hawk essence burning in their soul. To be a member you just simply have to ride with us and understand what it takes, it's inherent really. If you haven't seen it yet, there is documentary that came out long ago about us done by Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson(she is the girl by the tree on the right). It's a documentary following the BMX bikers, Fargo Street Hawks. "They struggle with their hardened identity as a gang, the Street Hawks talk of life, love and ridin', while turmoil erupts between their rival gang." The music is mostly done by Fargo's own, Seawhores. Here is the video, watch and learn. Kawww Kawww!!

My Tat.

Tom Kemmer, one of the OG Hawks.

fargo street hawks

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