Friday, March 7, 2008

cLAy TV!! 100th Post!! + Bon Iver

SO, this is the 100th post. Things are going well here on the channel. I would like to thank In Flight at Night and You Set The Scene for helping me out, also Elliot for being the man behind the scenes working on the logo and general web stuff. Thanks to everyone that has been coming here each day, it's makes me want to do better. cLAy TV! has spanned the globe, hitting up every continent, except Antarctica, and hitting over 50 countries! Yay. SO, thanks.

SO, yeah. Got drunk last night. Went to Dim Mak's night at The Room and headed over to Tiny's to eat mini-pizzas and drink cheap beer. It was just me and my little lady. Good times. That's why no post yesterday, wasn't even home until late, then passed out. Today I feel like listening to the album, For Emma Forever Ago by Wisconsin's own, Bon Iver. It's really good. I haven't been listening to much mellow stuff lately but this is on regular rotation and good for the hangover.

Bon Iver: "The Wolves (Act I and II)"