Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Business

Thanks to Duke at You Set The Scene for getting me on the list to see Big Business play last night at Spaceland. It was a rad show, totally packed. The two dudes play in The Melvins now too. The Cops and Red Fang opened. Didn't see The Cops but Red Fang was great, totally heavy and fun to watch. The drummer from Red Fang played some snare with Coday (ex Murder City Devils) from Big Business on the first song. I talked to him about it after the show, he said it was a one time deal, but it flew nicely. Big Business was their good old selves, being a drummer I watch Coday kill the drums, actually so does everyone else. He rules it. So here is a video and some pics. My buddy from Japan is here so no post tmrw, probably.

Big Business Interview

Big Business: "Focus Pocus"