Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Archers of Loaf and Crystal Castles

SO, Archers of Loaf are one of my all time favorite bands ever. Great, great, great. One of the best moments of my band career was getting to open for these guys in Fargo on their Speed of Cattle tour. I was in a band called The Women, to date still probably the most creative band I was ever in. Archers have been broken up for a while now but Eric Bachman still does a ton of stuff, like Crooked Fingers and a solo thing. I actually chatted with him for a while when I saw Crooked Fingers last and he remembered The Women, at least he said he did. Anyway, I am featuring them today because they are one of those bands who were popular when MTV didn't play many indie/punk videos, except for 120 minutes and Alternative Nation, and the internet wasn't too happenin' yet. So here is your first chance to see some of their videos, they are nothing spectacular , but the songs, well...are timeless classics. Oh, on a side note, Crystal Castles are not playing their LA show next Sunday at the Roxy because Alice broke two ribs in a car accident. I am bumbed as hell, but HEALTH is still playing, so that's rad.

Archers Of Loaf: "Harnessed In Slums"

Archers of Loaf: "Scenic Pastures"

Archers of Loaf: "Lowest Part Is Free"