Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeasayer and Drew Barrymore

SO, Yeasayer, a band I saw a couple weeks back, is a band that I like a lot actually but can't stand the singers dork ass arrogance, he looked like Eric Foreman at the show I saw and on Conan the other night he looked like Ace Ventura but, damn, they are still rad. They have a new video, it's cool. Here are two videos by them, the new one and live on Conan. I also added pics from the Har Mar/Electrocute show last night. Sean's (Har Mar) friend Drew B. was there!! My wifey got all paparazzi on her and took a pic. Drew is so cute and rad!

Yeasayer: "Wait for the Summer"

Yeasayer: "2080"


Drew and her dorky boy toy, Justin Long.

Har Mar