Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Nihon No Ongaku = Afrirampo

SO, these girls are from Osaka. They played the Silverlake Lounge last time they were in LA. The marker board in the back by the bathroom had the show posted on it for like year after they had played, it always got me stoked for a minute that they were coming back but then I would look at the date. They have a new album out called Suutobreakor. They are totally spaz/wierd/punk/stupid/art shit but I love them. I was introduced to them when I was living in Japan. Tower records in Tokyo had a huge display for them when their last album came out, that would never happen here, they are so strange, anti-pop. Here is a video of theirs. It's probably the most straight forward song they have EVER written. It's also very fun. I hope they come to LA!!!

Afrirampo: "Afrirampo"