Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Night Marchers = Speedo's New Band

SO, I went to go see The Night Marchers last night in Eagle Rock. It is John Reis's (AKA Speedo) new band. He was in Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes, Rocket From The Crypt and various other projects. Those are three of my favorite all time bands so I was pretty stoked to see the new stuff. Well, it sounds like Rocket or one of his side projects called The Sultans. It was pretty good though. They don't have an album out yet so no one knew the songs except for the myspace songs. He was skinny, which was a little weird, and seemed a little pissed off for some reason but overall he was rockin' like he usually does. Here are some pics from the show and a video from 400 Blows and Rocket From The Crypt.
LA's own 400 Blows opened, they kicked ass!
Oh, and Crystal Antlers played too, they are jammy, loudness, cool though. My band TPF! opened for them last week in Pasadena actually.

Crystal Antlers

The Night Marchers

400 Blows

400 Blows: "The Beauty of Internal Darkness"

Rocket from the Crypt: "Sturdy Wrists"