Friday, February 15, 2008

JUSTICE and MAPS = Unrelated Euro

SO, here are two videos for ya. One is JUSTICE. They rule and have been featured many times on cLAy TV!! Their 07' album was one of the best dance records of all time (see cLAy TV!! Top 20 of 07'). Here is a new video by them called "Phantom II". If you still don't have the JUSTICE album "Cross" go get it already, you can't help but to dance around your place when it's cranked. The other video is an o.k. song by the band MAPS. The song is called "To The Sky" and has a cute girl in it. These two videos have nothing in common besides being from Europe, JUSTICE being from Paris, France and MAPS from Northampton, UK. Remember L.A. JUSTICE is at the Mayan on March 31st!!

Justice: "Phantom II"

Maps: "To the Sky"