Friday, February 29, 2008

Holy Fuck at Spaceland!! And Review!!

SO, Holy Fuck made my top 20 of 2007 here on cLAy TV! Go to that post and see the others or 19. They are playing Spaceland tomorrow with Brooklyn's A Place to Bury Strangers and LA's In Waves. They have this electronic, rock, experimental thing goin' on. Good melodies, beats and tons of weird contraptions they screw around with one stage. Should be rad. I hope they are as good live as their name implies. Oh, they are from Toronto too so that is cool, right?

Here are two videos.

Holy Fuck: "Milkshake"

Holy Fuck: "Pulse"-Live in Alfred NY
"Pulse"-Live in Alfred NY

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SO, I went to the show and it was sweet!! It was weird though, all the girls in the place were dancing crazy and all the guys were just standin' there. Holy Fuck have all this crazy shit and contraptions they play on stage, so it makes me think tech heads,nerdy-type, non-dancin dudes like them and bought up all tickets. Sold out. They were REALLY good, just thought the dudes in the crowd were lame. You go girls!! Oh, I danced, F' it. Don't miss these guys next time they come around and get tickets before the squares do.