Friday, February 8, 2008

Holy Fuck and The Dillinger Escape Plan=Milk

SO, First, Holy Fuck is playing tonight with Super Furry Animals at the Echoplex but I got so shitty last night I don't think I can make it, besides they go on in like 30 minutes. But, I wanted to post their video. They are rad. Turn it up. They had one of my fav. albums of 2007 (check my top 20 of 07'). Second is just that I got the new Dillinger Escape Plan album, Ire Works, off a blog today AND they played Conan the other night AND the singer of my band TPF! is dating the drummer. So watch their video, it's weird. Also, the video of them on Conan, they go nuts! SO, these two bands may be completely unrelated but no, they both have "milk" in the title of the song:)

Holy Fuck: "Milkshake"

Dillinger Escape Plan: "Milk Lizard"

Dillinger Escape Plan: "Black Bubblegum" Live on Conan the other night!