Saturday, February 16, 2008

Har Mar Superstar = Tomorrow Night

SO, Sean Tillman aka Har Mar Superstar is playing this Sunday the 17th of March at Spaceland. Sean and I briefly went to the same elementary school together in Marshall, MN. I think I was in 4th and he was in 2nd or some shit. I don't really remember. Later in life he was in a band called Calvin Crime from Minneapolis, they played at this bar that I hung out at every night called Ralph's Bar in Moorhead, MN. The year was 96'. A couple years later his other band Sean Na Na came up to Moorhead again and my band opened for them. Now, we both have been in LA for while now doin' the music thing. He still has Sean Na Na and Har Mar Superstar goin' on. If you haven't seen Har Mar (named after Har Mar Mall in Roseville, MN) go do it. It's fun. BTW, he is friends with Drew B. and Kelly Osbourne and shit so look out for paparazzi!!
Here are two videos to get you ready or go rent that awful movie "Starsky and Hutch", he has a dance off with Ben Stiller. Oh, and Electrocute is opening, yay!


Har Mar Superstar: "Power Lunch"