Thursday, February 21, 2008

86 and Dim Mak

SO, many of you know Dim Mak is the hip shit here in LA. Whatever they are involved with is hipster madness. I enjoy most of their events actually. Dancing and getting wasted are good in my book. Last night I went to 86 here in Hollywood, Ana from Dim Mak has a night there, it's a nice ass place. You should go next Wednesday, it's a good crowd and there are not too many youngters wearing american apparel. Speaking of Dim Mak, what's up with those ads I see for the new Steve Aoki album that says Pitchfork gave it a great review, It got a 2 point something out of 10 actually. False ad, WTF? Still, Aoki is ok in my book, met him a couple times. Good guy. Here he is being a cool rich kid.