Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Weakerthans, One New-One Old

SO, these guys are from Winnipeg. I went to college in Fargo, ND which is a couple hour drive away from that great Canadian city. I went there with some friends one night to drink Labatts and break bottles in the street while singing our national anthem. Didn't do too much else. I have been a big fan of two bands from there that share the same guy. The old bass player from Propagandhi is the singer for The Weakerthans. Now, either you could give a shit about these bands or you COULD and those are your only two options. I particularly like both and I came across some footage of them for my next installment of "One New-One Old". Actually, there will be one new, one kinda new, one kinda less new and then one old ( real old, Propagandhi live from 1994). The reason being is that I haven't seen these until yesterday and thought I would share all there goodness. The Weakerthans don't break any new ground in music today or anything, they are just a solid rock/alt band. Just let them win you over and you will be happy you did. SO, stop trying to be sooo damn cool and DO IT!!

One New: The Weakerthans - Civil Twilight

One Kinda New: The Weakerthans - The Reasons

One Kinda Less New: The Weakerthans - Our Retired Explorer

One Old: Propagandhi - Nation-States