Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two Videos and Bands to Watch in '08

These guys are going to be/already are huge in '08. They are the next big thing. Buzz band. Hip shit. Just as The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party did, Vampire Weekend seem to have come out of nowhere and are the hot shit and will be for a minute. So jump on board before they get too big and you don't like them anymore.

And this band has been around for a while but they have some steam behind them with their new album coming out soon. It's Goldfrapp. I am not a big fan really but my girl likes them and this video is sweet. It's directed by the same guy who did the Bat For Lashes video with that girl on the bike. (see my top 15 videos of 2007 to see that one, it kicks!) This song will be on their new album, Seventh Tree. I actually like the song, it's just so damn cute and nice. Makes me feel fuzzy.

Clay says, "They took it down. Guess it leaked and wasn't ready to be shown yet. I will put it up when it's ready. It's good."