Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Top 15 Music Videos of 2007!!

Here at cLAy TV!! our goal is to listen to good music and watch good music. I have posted my favorite albums for you to listen to and now it's time for my video round-up for 2007. I chose 15 for you to watch. Why 15? Not sure? There are also honorable mentions that I will link you to if you want to see those as well.
I remember watching Mtv's top 100 end of the year countdown back in the day and watching it the whole way through. I would guess what the top 10 would be. I was usually right. SO now it's my chance to make a video list!
Before we get started, this was the number one video on Mtv exactly 20 years ago. This is dedicated to all you Mtv generation kids who lived in small towns and Mtv was your only outlet to cool stuff!
Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel ("Sledgehammer" is the most played music video in the history of Mtv)

15. Justice - "D.A.N.C.E" (t-shirt goodness, seeing these guys tmrw night in dwtn LA!)

14 MSTRKRFT - "Easy Love" (does this make you horny baby?)

13 Feist - "1 2 3 4" (it's so damn catchy and fun to watch)

12 Bjork, "Declare Independence" (she's got the raddest video catalog ever!)

11 Animal Collective - "Peacebone" (oooohhh, scary)

10 Bloc Party – "Flux" (robot love, isn't that a golden earring song?)

9 Modeselektor - "Black Block" (go to the show)

8 Modest Mouse - "Invisible" (hacky sack madness)

Modest Mouse - Invisible

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7 Black Moth Super Rainbow: Sun Lips (dead animals, peta is pissed)

6 Spoon: "Don't You Evah" (little yellow guy grooves!!!)

5 Arcade Fire: "My Body Is a Cage" (epic fan video)

4 Kanye West, "Can't Tell Me Nothin'" (hicks gettin' down)

3 Bat for Lashes, "What's a Girl to Do" (girl rides bike with animals)

2 Menomena: "Evil Bee" (this is creative shit)

1 Signatune (Thomas Bangalter edit) by DJ Mehdi (soo good, my fav, real)

Honorable Mentions:
LCD Soundsystem: North American Scum (scum on the moon)

Arcade Fire: "Neon Bible" (Win Butler)

Battles: "Atlas"

Foo Fighters: "The Long Road to Ruin" (funny Dave, funny)

Modest Mouse: "Dashboard" (shiver me timbers)

Blonde Redhead: "Top Ranking" (good ol' Miranda)

Escort: "All Through the Night" (on the Muppet show tonight!)

HEALTH: "Heaven" (Walter Steiner is cool)

Liars: "Plaster Casts of Everything" (human body as a screen)

Rjd2: "Work It Out" (weird thing to get good at)

Lyapis Trubetskoy: "Capital" (haven't seen a russian video this good since the last Gorky Park video)

The Tough Alliance: "A New Chance" (Euros on scooter)

Tobacco: "Hawker Boat" (dick simmons)

St Vincent: "Jesus Saves, I spend" (i wish she would have been my cub scout leader)

Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye" (teenage love)

Ted Leo: "Bomb. Repeat. Bomb." (mmmmm, neat)

M.I.A.: "BOYZ" (worldly 80's)

ONCE: "Falling Slowly" (good movie, good song)

The Shins: "Australia" (orange balloons)

Deerhoof: "The Perfect Me" (backyard style)

Le Rev: "Escape Me" (cute girl running down street, played with these guys at Spaceland too!)