Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hard New Years Eve

So, me, my lil' darlin' plus some friends went to HARD New Years Eve in dwtn LA last night. Today I am a vegetable, I got out of bed twice to do essential things but I have been bed ridden all day. Last night was great though! We saw Peaches and Justice play. Justice was killing it until they were forced to stop due to too many people on the stage. The whole crowd was really getting into, like Euro style and shit. The event was poorly put together but was still fun, at one point my lil' lady and I worked our way on stage and got next to peaches. (we actually were next to her the day before too because we saw her at the Murakami show at the MOCA) Basically anyone could go anywhere, funny.
So here are some pics from last night and one from today,
Happy New Year from cLAy TV!!

Traditional new years food in Japan called, Osechi. It was good for my hangover actually.