Tuesday, January 15, 2008

F-M Flier and Story, The Scrodonauts

So, here is another flier by my main man, Neil Fasen. This is from a band we both played in called The Scrodonauts. We were a punk band. I don't think Neil practiced sober once. Chris Danforth and Andy Martinson were also in the band. The flier says no alcohol or drugs so I think it was at the Perot House, which was a punk rock "straight edge" house, but everyone there always seemed wasted? I think we 'snuck' some 40s in anyway. This flier reminds me of the band Smashdown from MSP who we played with a couple times. They liked us so they put us in their zine. They made us sound like "Fargo, YA YOU BETCHYA" and I remember being pissed. Here is the zine article and a review of us by them. Look for naked Neil (sorry buddy) we don't know how they got that picture! Get out your glasses and read it, click on the pages to make em' bigger. It's funny.

ps. more scrodonauts posts in the near future!