Wednesday, January 23, 2008


SO, I have been on this kick of electronic music for a while now. Back in college our crew was pretty much into punk/indie/sk8ing/drinking etc... That was in Fargo. Now, we had another crew that was based in St. Cloud, MN. These guys were into more of the drug/electronic/hippie type of shit. Or at least that was the impression I got. Whenever we would go there they would be playing Daft Punk records and whenever they came up to Fargo we would be playing Rocket From the Crypt records. SO, St. Cloud was my intro to dance music and it has carried over to the present. There is this recod lable out of Paris called ED BANGER. It is what Justice is on. Almost all of the DJs on it are sooo good. So here is your chance to here some of them. Go to NODATTA 's blog and get some for free or try Shareminer. It's good music for when you are doin' shit around the house.


Busy P


Uffie (just a still picture and a great song, CHEEEZEE but great!)(She is the girl that sings "The Party" on the Justice album)


Mr. Flash (still pic and song)

Mr. Oizo

Oh, and Justice, but hey, I have them in about 5 other posts so not this time.
DANCE!!!!!!OR NOT!!!!!!