Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Denton, TX and the Teenage Cool Kids....

SO, meee lady and some friend of mine went to this new punk house in LA called the House of Vermont. It's full of young, hip, cool, weed smokin', 40 drinkin' kids. It reminded me of the old Perot House in Fargo. It's a place that has shows and kids just out of high school livin' on their own for the first time and lovin' it. It was nice to be in that environment again. True underground music comes from these places. I saw plenty of bands in basements that moved on to be pretty big acts. This is one of those bands, they oozed potential. They are called Teenage Cool Kids from Denton, TX. Good stuff. Here are some pics and some shitty live footage but good song! Two other bands played too. Koji Kondo from TX and Weekend Warrior from LA.

Teenage Cool Kids - Tryna Decide from Jesse Spurlin on Vimeo.