Wednesday, January 23, 2008

cLAy TV!! Getting Some Love!!

So, I am getting some good love over here at the cLAy TV!! Got people from 24 different countries hitting me up!! It's rad and I just hope I can keep it going. Here are some rad blogs that gave me some shouts!! Thanks for your support!! And, of course, what would cLAy TV!! be without a RAD video!

This is my wifey's blog about her store, life, and fashion called, Love From Los Angeles. She is a buyer for a boutique in West L.A. She gets like a 1,000 hits a day on her site and she gave me a shout. (It's in Japanese so good luck!) Thanks girl!!

The next one is from SFGIRLBYBAY blog. She is one rad chick with great style. She recently interviewed my buddy Scott on her site and he gave cLAy TV!! a shout! Go down to her Wednesday, January 2nd post and see Scott's fine interview and work! Thanks dude!

These are Scott's. If you are in SF this weekend go to his show!! Click on his name or go to SFGIRLBYBAY to see where!!!!

Last but not least is over at LargeHeartedBoy they posted my Top 20 Albums of 2007!! Sure they posted a lot of others too but hey, it's rad!!

Thanks to all of you for being so RAD and to all that have contributed to cLAy TV!! so far, including, Kyle, Jay, and Elliot!! So, here is a RAD clip from RAD!!