Saturday, January 5, 2008

cLAy TV! Commentary...

The state of music is not the olden days where you could walk down the street and say, "Hey, do you like 'legs' by ZZ-Top?" and the person would most likely say, "yes." And then you could talk about the video, the band, and other ZZ Top stuff.
Music just doesn't strike a chord with the masses any more (mind the pun), there are very few artists that everyone can identify with anymore and that makes talking about music different these days and a bit frustrating.
It's so nice to share the music listening experience with people, when you can say, "Yeah, I love that song, and wow, how about that video!" it's that shared experience that gets people stoked and feel happy that you can love or at least know the same artistic medium. These days, I talk to people about music and, sure, I throw band names out and so do they, and some match up, but the knowledge of each artist and the level of interest varies greatly. It's rare to be on the same page anymore because music is just soooo, accessible. Don't get me wrong, I love music and love hearing new music but does anyone love, especially indie/music enthusiasts really LOVE any music anymore? I buy a new album, I like it, I play it 5 times, I move on to the next. it's bad. I don't give it a chance to grow on me more, maybe I will revisit it again, but not really. Maybe it's my own fault?! Should I just buy 1 album every two months and really give it love and 'live' with it, probably not. Should I stick to Top 40 and hang out with muggles? Nope. I think the last time the masses came together and really knew an artist and everyone you knew, knew it, and liked it was "Hey Ya" by Outkast. Everyone knew the video choreography and knew the lyrics and liked it. You could talk to all walks of life and they thought is was neat too, and that made you feel good, didn't it!? Will that happen ever again? Or are we all just turning into musical introverts?
I guess the way to go is to see LIVE music. That will always bring the people together to like the same thing. But, I have noticed at shows too lately people seem to be there just because they are supposed to, because their hip friend said it was going to be cool. Then you get 50% of the crowd who knows about the artist and the other half looking around and wondering if they should go to Urban Outfitters tomorrow and get those black tight pants that kid has on. Oh, that reminds me, I have to get those tight black pants. OOOPS, I am one of them!
So anyway, the mission of cLAy TV! is to get us on the same page again. I will blog what CDs I have gotten or what videos I have seen and then when I see you, we can connect and laugh out loud about how happy and cool we are.