Wednesday, January 23, 2008

cLAy TV!! Come, let's DANCE!! MF'ERS!!

You know living in LA you find yourself at crazy loft parties or events and there is usually a DJ and everyone is just....dancin, and you know what? I love it!! It's fun, so stop denying it, dance music is fun!! It brings out the kid in you, crank it and just let it consume you, DO IT!! You'll be happy you did.

Daft Punk is really huge for a reason, they are gooood.

Justice is really damn good, this is a great song and the album is even better. Check this out too, it's pretty funny: Google it... Justice: "D.A.N.C.E." (Live on "Jimmy Kimmel Live")

MSTRKRFT is great too.

Modeselektor is real goood. Get their new one, Happy Birthday, me likey. I think I posted this video already, but I like so, 1 MORE TIME!!

Clark. Not as dancy but electro goodness and a rad video. BUGS are weird man.

Dan Deacon. Silly man.

Escort. Not a big fan really, but watch THIS!! Well done.

DJ Mehdi. This guy is great. I have two of his albums, yes sir, goodness.
I have posted this before, this just may be my favorite video of the year.

Crystal Castles. Man oh man. Just plain rockin'

Now you know, it's fun to dance and get nuts. Make some time for it in your week. I know this is a lot to watch but in about a week I will be off for 4 days. So you could wait to watch some of them during that time, do a xmas dance with grandma and santa even!!